Lessons You Learn When You Rock Purple Hair

Purple Hair - Straight, Curly and BraidedI have purple hair. I’ve been experimenting with bold hair color for the last 2 years, and at this moment, I’m really into all shades of purple and jewel tones – lavender, deep purple, magenta, teal, royal blue…

Every time I make the change from a “normal” hair color to a wild one, I need a few days to adjust to looking at myself and to how others look at me. If you’ve ever seriously considered trying out a crazy color, here’s a few important lessons I’ll share with you.

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Foodies and Fashionistas Celebrate the Taste of Vintage

Taste of Vintage Program Cover 111909For a few years, I worked in the nonprofit sector at Goodwill Industries of Akron, and I loved it. Awesome organization with a powerful mission.

Our largest annual fund-raiser was the Taste of Vintage, an evening gala event that features yummy samples from local restaurants and a headliner vintage fashion show starring leading women from our community wearing Goodwill finds. Side note: you wouldn’t believe the incredible stuff you can find at a Goodwill store.

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