Beth Gals

So many of my friends have artistic talent and creative interests, but often we don’t have traditionally “creative” occupations. We search through our favorite social media apps to uncover interesting tidbits here and there. But what we’re missing is one place to collect, share, discuss and praise all of our discoveries, learnings and explorations.

Beth Gals is an idea for a community of gals who love to create, explore and inspire. Being a Beth Gal means that she loves to experiment in the kitchen, host friends for nights-in, create her decor, express their unique style through fashion, collect original artwork, visit galleries and museums, discover tucked-away hide-outs in her hometown, and stumble into unexpected and unforgettable moments. Beth Gals love to learn anything and everything, and they will love to share with and listen to other Beth Gals just like them.

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