Hop’N Snap

Hop’N Snap is conceptual storytelling project for children that’s just beginning. Along with my SO, we’re writing short stories, drawing wacky characters, and envisioning ways to introduce our stories to kids – coloring books, web-based story books, mini-zines, and more.

Both of us love kid stuff – books, action figures, TV shows, even clothes (kids have THE BEST CHOICES in clothes, for real). Inevitably, we grew up, but not without a sincere admiration for the joys of childhood. As kids, we are encouraged to just be ourselves; we don’t worry about jobs, bills, and other boring adult things. Our idea is to tell entertaining, clever and thoughtful stories to kids and adults who love kid stuff like we do. We’re starting our project by writing down all of our crazy, unintelligible and nonsensical ideas. Then, it’s time to put together our first story.

What’s with the “hop” and “snap?” Silly, but you know how couple come up with the most ridiculous pet names? Meet us: Bunny and Lobster, hence “hop” and “snap.”

More to come on this… soon, I’ll introduce you to Pretz, the Pretzident of Hop’N Snap!

A Precocious Child

A note from 6/29/2010 

I used to think that I’m so different now compared to when I was a kid. Today I realized that the things that HAVE changed since I was younger are age, wisdom, experience, and knowledge. But what HASN’T changed is who I am, my nature, my personality, my nuances.

I sorted through two boxes of stuff from my childhood. Yearbooks, notes from pen pals, grade cards, youth soccer team photos. I found 3 things I’d forgotten all about and as I looked over them, I thought, “Some things never change.”

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